System monitor for the JBossTM Application Server

Project Information


Bossman is an end-user server management tool for the JBoss Application Server. The tool will provide a web front end to many of the administration/monitoring task required for day to day maintanence of the server. These task will include:

Development Status

Bossman is in the pre-alpha stage of development. The planned development cycle will be focused on providing value to end-users as quickly as possible.


The pre-alpha version of Bossman, which includes the Server Log Viewer, has been released!
Pre-Alpha download is available via SourceForge. Logo


Bossman is licensed under the Open Software License version 1.1.

BossmanTM is a trademark of David C. Deuchert
JBossTM and JBoss GroupTM are trademarks of Marc Fleury under operation by JBoss Group, LLC. Copyright © 1999-2002, All rights reserved